Supervision for Psychologists and Psychotherapists

Supervision & Consultation #01
Good supervision is a crucial part of establishing and maintaining ethical practice and high standards of clinical practice. Supervision allows us to make sense of our work with clients, and to stand back and reflect on our practice. It may be that you are a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist, you may be in private practice or working within the NHS. You may be looking for a one-off consultation related to the work you are doing, or you may wish to have more regular ongoing supervision and support.

During the course of a 12 year career as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, I have worked extensively with other psychologists and psychotherapists, in providing specialist psychoanalytic psychotherapy supervision. I have developed a special interest in several areas of supervision including, long-term psychotherapy, brief-term psychotherapy, psychotherapy with highly complex cases including borderline pathology and psychotic illness.

Consultation Service

Supervision & Consultation #02
With many years of experience in the NHS, I have worked closely with General Practitioners, both in providing a clinical service, as well as offering guidance and consultation to GP practices. In the current climate of change in the NHS, GPs and other services are under increasing pressure to function within highly specific constraints, be those financial or otherwise. Inner London GP practices are frequently under pressure to see a high volume of patients, and this can lead to stress build-up within individual doctors as well as within practices as a whole.

Medico-Legal Court Reports

Supervision & Consultation #03
I have over 15 years experience in providing expert witness medico-legal reports to law firms, agencies and other organisations. I typically see clients within 1-2 weeks once an instruction has been received. Reports are produced within 3 days following assessment provided that all the necessary documentation is made available.

I provide expert reports for areas including the following:

• Personal Injury
• Clinical Negligence
• Personality Assessment

For an informal discussion about your circumstances, or for an initial consultation, send an email to, or contact me on 07775 629432.

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